The Dispear Artisan Mead


The Dispear combines juicy pear with the fragrant spice note of cardamom.  Although not a part of our year round line-up, The Dispear has consistently been produced every year since 2016.  Hand grinding green cardamom pods just prior to making the addition provide a fresh punch of cardamom straight to the face.  Don’t “Dispear”…this favorite of ours will be around for some time.

Tasting Notes: Sweet Pear Juice, Honey and Fresh Cardamom Spice

Crafted Artisan Meadery is dedicated to producing highly drinkable, modern mead that is made for everyone. They believe in creativity over tradition. They believe that the quality of the liquid behind their labels is the most important thing to their customers. They believe that making a quality product does not mean taking yourself too seriously. And they believe you shouldn’t have to donate plasma to afford a great bottle of mead. They exist to make mead as accessible as possible to as many people as possible and they’re having a blast doing it.

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