Collection: Julane Soares

Artist Statement

As an artisan, I specialize in crafting garments and accessories using kantha quilts and hand blocked cottons from India, along with other carefully selected recycled fabrics.

My collection features a diverse range of garments, including jackets, kimonos, vests, hats, and decorative accessories, all carefully crafted from repurposed textiles. The kantha quilts, the centerpiece of many of my creations, lend a unique texture and visual appeal to every garment.

Incorporating other recycled fabrics adds depth and variety to my designs. From vintage textiles to upcycled materials, every fabric tells a story and adds character to the final piece. By transforming discarded fabrics into wearable art, I aim to inspire a deeper appreciation for sustainable fashion and promote a more conscious approach to clothing consumption.

Headbands 3/4
Headbands by Julane Soares