Rosanne Sniderman

Collection: Rosanne Sniderman

Rosanne Sniderman received her BFA, Ceramics from the University of Colorado and her MFA, Ceramics from the University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth, MA.

Rosanne has taught at the university level for many years and presently teaches Ceramics, Introduction to Visual Art, Principles of 2D Design, and Color at the Community College of Rhode Island in Providence. Rosanne states,” I am a ceramic artist with roots buried deep in ceramic tradition, pots. Although I have deep reverence for the functional language of clay, my work continues to find the way into the world of sculpture.”

Rosanne’s wood kiln fired pieces, invite touch, evoking analogy to the human body and other organic forms. They fit beautifully in garden settings or a more architectural setting as hanging on a garden wall.

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