Semeli, Nemea Agiorgitiko Feast (2020)


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Dry Red Varietal Wine, Agiorgitiko from Nemea

Deep red color with violet hues. Dense and intense aromas of fresh forest fruits, strawberries and cherries. Silky and persistent mouthfeel, balanced acidity and rounded tannins, with long aftertaste.

Ideal combination with barbequed meat, pasta with red sauce, spicy sausages and cheese.

About Semeli Estate:  In the land of Dionysus and his mother Semeli, George Kokotos, a civil engineer by training, has been practicing the age old art of fine wine production, giving to his wines the name of their muse, "Semeli".  Semeli was founded in 1979 and is located at an altitute of 600 meters at Koutsi, one of the most celebrated 'crus' of Nemea.  Over the past several years the focus has been on the creation of high quality Greek wines.  Quality wine is only possible with the best grapes and the best grapes have to do with the "terroir".  In the wineries in Nemea (Koutsi) and Mantinia (Niko Fragiadis' stomping ground), Semeli takes advantage of the privileged Mediterranean climate, the extraordinary potential of the soil and the varieties they cultivate, which together with the sun that bathes the landscapes, are determinting factors for the Semeli wines.  The great peculiarity is the process of winemaking using gravity.  From pressing to bottling, the entire process uses the weight of the raisin for downward movement in order to avoid using pumps.

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