Scatterbrain Handmade Rosie the Riveter, by Lisamarie Pearson


Strong, bold, iconic; rosie the riveter is a symbol for working women across America who entered the industrial workforce during world war ii in the early 1940’s. Women took jobs in factories, machineries, and other typically male dominated positions due to the widespread male enlistment that left massive holes in the industrial labor workforce. Rosie the riveter is a symbol for women proving to the world that we are strong & independent. And her symbol still empowers women today to persist at everything they do & to be strong women whose voices matter to the world.

Rosie’s bandana is removable, so please take caution with children under 18 months. Rosie has plastic poly beads in her belly followed with a soft 3D polyfil stuffing that creates that perfect squish factor, great for sensory! Rosie stands 7 adorable inches tall. Her eyes are plastic child safety eyes and are machine attached.

All toys are designed by lisamarie pearson, owner of scatterbrain handmade from boston, ma.


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