Collection: Karen Zaharee

Artist Statement

Karen Zaharee creates textured surfaces and intricately carved patterns on porcelain and stoneware lanterns, vases and a variety of functional wares and unique art objects.

Karen was born and raised in Ann Arbor, Michigan and began her studies of textile design at the University of Michigan before transferring to Rhode Island School of Design where she received her BFA with a concentration in Textiles.

Throughout her childhood and during her high school years, Karen explored various forms of media including drawing, painting, watercolors, metals & jewelry making, wood working, and sewing. Her high school’s art program was extensive enough to provide her the opportunity to explore all those media and she began working then with various clays including stoneware and porcelain. Karen continues to explore clay as a medium at various educational and community centers including Mudflat Studio, Boston University, UMass Dartmouth, The Boston and Cambridge Adult Education Centers, and The Steelyard.

Her work references a variety of patterning and forms found in flora, marine life, nature and man-made spatial structures. Her hand built classic forms often have a sense of fragmented time-worn objects. Karen remains fascinated with textures and patterns and her work intentionally invites the viewer to touch and feel the surfaces.
Karen has her studio in the town of Dartmouth, Massachusetts where she lives with her husband, their dog and calico cat.

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