Scallop Bottle Opener


Handcrafted by Rhode Island artisan and industrial designer, Matt Hall.   Molded from a real shell he found on Cape Cod, these stunning Scallop Shell Bottle Openers are cast in Bronze using the classic “Lost Wax” method. With slight modification to the shell by adding a little thickness and strength to function as a your new favorite bottle opener. Matt uses a small local family owned foundry in Rhode Island for all his casting needs and then he personally inspects and preps each one.

To use your new bottle opener simply place the shell on top of your bottle with the lip inside hooking under the bottle cap, grip it, pull up near the lip side while pressing down with your palm on the mouth edge of the shell… pop.

This is an excellent groomsman gift and a timeless family heirloom for the coastal home.

Finish:Brushed Bronze

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