Kinetic Grid over New Bedford: New Bedford Collection


This archival fine art print measures 17" x 17".   What may appear to be a double exposure image is really just the artist seizing the opportunity to create a piece featuring both the unique art exhibit, Kinetic Grid, and New Bedford architecture all in one space. This piece was created using late day light and what would normally be considered bothersome reflections in the glass store front surrounding the exquisite art of Soo Sunny Park. The distinct reflections are that of the building across Union Street, on the corner of Purchase Street.  

Bobby Baker is one of New England's best coastal photographers" notes The Providence Journal.  Shutterbug Magazine calls his work "remarkable photography...monochrome images soar with crescendos that almost let you hear the surf and be swept along it."  And Cape Cod Life Magazine asserts his art's appeal, "Baker captures the Cape in remarkable fashion.  His black and white images are iconic in the same way as noted photographer Ansel Adams' are."




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