High Limb Cider - The Original


Our tried and true unfiltered cider. Our Core series includes our flagship ciders along with seasonal releases created at the intersection of modern market trends and classic production philosophies.


Flavor Profile
Produced using the freshest Massachusetts apples, this cider reflects the dynamics of the season’s harvest with a full body and balanced flavor.
Other Ingredients

About High Limb, Plymouth MA. Although you may just be getting to know us, you should know we’ve been perfecting our recipes for years. We only use high quality ingredients from local sources to create our smooth, unfiltered cider.We’re helping the cider industry evolve by creating unique modern cider, inspired by traditional techniques.

We like experimenting with flavors, finding inspiration in the season, and trying new things so you can too. 


Available for in store/curbside pick up only, with valid ID.





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