Good Grief, by Dannie Engwert


Book measures 8 x 8 inches.
All illustrations & artwork are property of Dannie Engwert; copyright 2019, all rights reserved.

The book Good Grief is written by Dannie Engwert.  It is a collection of mandalas made from everyday found objects from the authors artist’s home…..just as it was!  This collection of photos was taken day after day for 75 days till her smile was bursting off her face.  The first mandala was an accident.  As you look through the photos and read the text, you will get the feeling of her grief and how the creating activity moved her feelings of sadness and brought about joy.  The art of the mandala has long been associated with healing and some of this history is also presented.

Dannie is a woman well acquainted with grief who has a certificate in Thanatology, a degree in psychology and a grand interest and skill in art.  

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