Golden Moment Notecards by Deb Ehrens


The Amethyst Blooms notecards are 5” x 7” each with a signed 4" x 6” photographic print on the front.  The notecards are blank on the inside and are suitable for framing or sending to someone special.  


The floral portraits in the Amethyst Blooms Collection include agapanthus, peacock lily, amaryllis, Ammi Dara-false Queen Anne'sLace, coneflower, and columbine…..


The vibrant prints on metallic paper make a unique and memorable presentation.

Archival print on
Hahnemühle Rag Satin, measures 11x14”

For me, these floral portraits are a mediation on life, a reminder that no matter the stage of life or the constraints of the frame in which I find myself, it is up to me to seek grace in each moment.

We all have personal narratives: a collection of stories used to illuminate key moments in our life. They are woven together from memories, truths, embellishments, and omissions. I use light instead of words to create imagined storylines for my flowers as they move from exploding buds to tissue-thin petals holding only memories of a brilliant past. 

The narrative begins in total darkness as I accentuate and embellish the flowers’ form with fast-moving, strategically positioned hand-held lights. Each of these floral portraits is a combination of many digital negatives. My “canvas” begins like a painters, with a layer of the darkest darks. Then, I slowly and gradually “paint” light onto the canvas with a graphics pen to reveal the moments of grace within the frame.

Deb Ehrens, a New Bedford native, learned the basics of black and white photography as an adjunct to her early career as a journalist. She has studied with Harold Ross, Dan Burkholder, and Wendi Schneider and taken classes at RISD and Maine Media. In addition, an ongoing mentorship with painter Deborah Quinn-Munson has been instrumental in developing her artistic eye.  

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