Crayfish Dish by Craig Crawford


Hand-made ceramic plate by Craig Crawford of Wanderlust Ceramics

Craig Crawford designs and individually handcrafts decorative ceramic items such as dinnerware, table top pieces, lighting, and tiles. Craig graduated with a BFA in textile design from Rhode Island School of Design in 1981.  She worked in the textile industry designing Jacquard fabrics as well as working in her own studio in NYC for 10 years. In 1995 she relocated to RI to start a handmade tile business and ceramic studio. The studio is now located in a renovated mill in East Greenwich, RI.

The ceramics produced by Wanderlust are primarily image driven.  Using a silkscreen technique and a slump mold process allows for the numerous design combinations. The pieces are made using a white stoneware clay body, fired once, hand colored and glazed, then fired again.  The look of the hand is evident in every piece and variation is to be expected.  The silkscreen designs come from a variety of sources.  Some are etchings or engravings from the 17th and 18th centuries while the all over patterns are hand drawn. A few Artistic influences and inspiration include museums of natural history, 17th Century English Delftware, ceramicist Bernard Palissy and the artist Louise Bourgeois.

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