Transformative Clothing: Sculpted Apparel by Janice Kissinger

Transformative Clothing: Sculpted Apparel by Janice Kissinger

The customer steps out of the changing room and looks into the mirror. The expression on her face transforms. That’s the moment that Janice Kissinger loves the most about her chosen path.

Clothing is expressive and what you choose to wear can be a representation of you and what you’re trying to say about yourself. When you try on a dress that has been custom-made for you, there’s a feeling of surprise when that garment reflects exactly how you want to be seen: maybe it’s sexy, confident, or put together. Maybe it’s all three.

That’s the magic of Janice Kissinger’s sculpted apparel. She works with everyone from fashionistas to women looking for a dress for an upcoming event, such as a wedding, fundraiser, or anniversary party. Each woman is getting a one of a kind look, made to fit their personality, style, shape, and color preferences.

 “Oh, this is me,” they’ll exclaim in surprise when catching their reflection in the mirror.

It’s a piece of couture that speaks directly to its wearer.

And it will be made without a single stitch.

The Process

Janice carefully works fine merino wool into hand-dyed and vintage Indian silks. She is gently creating a new textile and garment. With the help of soap and water, each dress, scarf, and shawl is sculpted by hand.

The process is called nuno felting, carefully massaging wool through silk, creating unique textures with a layer of soft felt on one side and the original material on the other. Janice will also work in hand-dyed silks to temper bold patterns.

While she’ll start with traditional measurements, there are no paper patterns or sewing machine involved. The material and garment are made simultaneously during the felting process. It’s a beautiful and challenging medium that results in wearable art.

Repurposing saris in her work is not only eco-conscious, it adds to the allure of each piece. Janice notes that she likes that idea that it’s had a lifetime before, and this is the next chapter of its adventure.

“For me, they carry a story and as I work with each piece I imagine the woman who wore it and the woman who will wear it in its new form; where it will take her and how she will feel.”

Sculpted Accessories

Janice’s sculpted scarves and shawls add a dash of luxury and style to any outfit. Made though the same felting process, these unique accessories take center stage whether they are paired with a pair of jeans or an understated dress. Scarf pins add that extra touch of style and practicality.

Janice’s scarves, shawls and scarf pins are available for purchase at The Drawing Room.

Upcoming Event

Meet Janice Kissinger and see and touch her luxurious wearable creations. Janice will bring pieces of her collection to The Drawing Room’s Silver Bells Holiday Design Market on Thursday, December 12th from 5-9 p.m.

As a special treat, Janice will also be giving a brief talk about her process at 6 p.m. Hear more about her work and what it’s like to have a piece of clothing made especially for you.