The New Bedford Collection By Bobby Baker

The New Bedford Collection By Bobby Baker

As Bobby Baker walks through the streets of downtown New Bedford, he takes in the history, architecture, and magic of the city. On the bow of a fishing vessel at the waterfront he spots the name “FEARLESS” and catches sight of the life preserver positioned directly beneath it. He lifts his camera. Click. On a stroll through the historic downtown, he looks at his feet and notices the streets are paved with something akin to cobblestones. They’re Setts. Click.

Fearless and All Sett, are two of the black and white images from Bobby Baker’s New Bedford Collection, available exclusively at The Drawing Room. 

In his photography, Bobby uses his unique perspective to capture the complexity, beauty, and often the irony in the world around him.

“I try not to overthink the process” Bobby says. “I am very fortunate in that I can be walking along and something interesting stops me.”

Bobby is most often stopped by the sites of the coast. He’s regarded as one of the best photographers of Cape Cod. He learned early in his career that it’s not simply about snapping a pretty picture, it’s telling a story with his art - capturing a narrative - one that makes you smile or reminds you of a place you visited. 

The ocean has always inspired him. Summering in Chatham for over 20 years, Bobby would return to his home in New Hampshire with thousands of images and spend the next several months going through them. The next long weekend, he’d be back to the Cape, snapping away. While he created beautiful images from other locations, there was something different about his work created on the Cape; it was obvious that he’d found his muse. He and his wife Dena eventually moved to Cataumet, MA, where he also opened an art gallery.

One thing you’ll notice about his New Bedford Collection: “There’s not a beach in sight.”

Instead, Bobby explores the angles and shadows of the waterfront, and the intersection of historic details and public art in downtown. New Bedford lends itself to the black and white photography he prefers.

“Black and white photographs are timeless,” Bobby explains. “I see a scene and can pretty much translate it to black & white in my mind as I take it. I find more expression through the light and contrast.”

You’ll see that contrast in images like the Star on the Waterfront where the stillness of the water and clarity of the sky are juxtaposed with the masts, ropes, and booms of the busy New Bedford waterfront.

The textures on Union Street come to life through Bobby’s image of a quiet moment on a clear day in the city.

Bobby expects his New Bedford collection to grow as he continues to be drawn in by the vibe of New Bedford. It’s a complex place where artistry and history collide; that delicate balance emerges through the captivating images of Bobby Baker.

You can purchase images from Bobby Baker’s New Bedford collection exclusively at The Drawing Room.


The Photography of Bobby Baker: The New Bedford Collection


Thursday, September 12th at 7PM
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Saturday, September 28th at 5PM
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Bobby Baker is one of New England’s best coastal photographers. He recently turned his camera lens to focus on New Bedford, capturing a series of black and white images for his New Bedford Collection. See iconic buildings, streets, and sculptures from Bobby’s unique perspective.

Bobby will be talking about photographing New Bedford, plus the challenges and surprises that come with being a professional photographer.

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