Xmas and other Stories


Nine original stories to warm your cockles this festive season!*

Our delectable assortment of confections was concocted with the discerning literary palate in mind. Sweet tales from the enchanted Christmas Village sit side by each with a set of linked stories from the picturesque New England town of Cold Brook.

Tinkle the Elf is an affable chap who is forever getting embroiled in sublime and ridiculous predicaments. From a work action against Santa to community theater to thwarting the machinations of his nemesis, this plucky fellow teaches us all a little something about the true spirit of Christmas. Or not.


The Cold Brook stories are more divergent. A young woman finds happiness in these troubling times. A young man finds trouble in his happy place. There’s a Wodehouse-inspired comedy of modern manners and even a far out science fiction tale of A.I. spirituality, a captain’s duty, and interdependence

*cockle warming may vary

Paull L. Goodchild is an author and winemaker who lives paradise adjacent in Westport, Massachusetts. In addition to making wine, he has also brewed and distilled, winning him the trifecta of adult beverage production. He is the lyricist for the doom metal band, Retro Grave, who are currently working on their third album,
Skullduggery, a Faustian rock opera. The book for that rock opera and one of the songs, “Kinder Gentler Satan,” appear in his debut novel, The Case of the India Pale Ale, a noir satire.

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