A Fine Book of Letters, by Carol Way Wood


Carol Way Wood has illustrated an alphabet book, A Fine Book of Letters; and it is available in The Drawing Room.

"A Fine Book of Letters" grew out of an exhibition of watercolors Carol created for a show on Martha's Vineyard in 2008. When she began the project she wanted to create letters with images that related to her life and environment. So, for example, she used her bunny for the "B". She also looked for flowers that grew around her  and birds that inhabit her yard. The one exception is the California Quail. Carol really wanted to do the quail that has that cute little feather on it's forehead. Once she had done the whole alphabet if just seemed natural to make it into a book. The text just seemed to flow. And, she didn't "dumb it down". There are big words in here, which makes it a fun book for adults to read to children. It took a few tries, a lot of help from my book designer, A.Michelle, and a successful Kickstarter project to get the book self-published.

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