Colour Consultation


This is an in-home colour consultation with one of our designers.  Our in-home colour consultancy service will give you all of the inspiration and advice you need to create the unique Farrow & Ball look, all in the comfort of your own home.

Colour Consultancy Service includes:

  • A pre-appointment phone call with one of our designers to discuss your project--this helps make the most of your time with the designer once in your home.
  • A home visit with our designer to discuss your decorating plans, favorite colours and ideas while the designer assesses the space, light and architecture of your room, all in a relaxed informal way.
  • A written recommendation detailing colour schemes, wallpaper designs and finishes for the assessed space.

Colour Consultancy Fees:  Varies by Designer ($250-$375)

  • The minimum appointment time per consultation is one hour, additional time may be booked and is charged in 30 minute increments.
  • Advice can be provided for approximately four rooms per hour, depending on the complexity and scale of the rooms to be assessed.
  • Travel charges may apply depending on distance from the Drawing Room; a 20 mile radius does not incur travel charges.
Time:60 minutes with Victor

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