Channel Pear Conch Shell


(Busycon canaliculatum)

Handcrafted by Massachusetts artisan, Colby Smith, this snail ranges from Cape Cod to Mexico.  The shell, from which the pattern for this doorknocker was made, is larger than most of this species.  It was caught in Southern New England waters by local shell fishermen in a wooden trap (similar to a lobster trap) baited with horseshoe crabs.  Indians used to make wampum from the twisted columella of the shell by cutting it into beads.  The meat of this snail is used today in snail salad, spaghetti sauce and chowder.  This yellow brass door knocker has been dipped in lacquer to preserve the finish.  The lacquer can be removed with lacquer thinner. 

Each piece is signed and dated by the artist. 

Dimensions: 8 3/4" x 4"  Mounting Hardware Included


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