Axiona by Evelyn Audet


Observing Earth from about 400,000 light years away, Axiona stifles her superpower of communicating telepathically.  Unable to be silent any longer, she takes the trip through the Milky Way Galaxy, traveling faster than the speed of light to be in contact with the people on Earth.  Her mission is to convince them of the urgency to care for their planet before it is too late and the inhabitants of Earth kill their own home.

Evelyn Audet is a United States Coast Guard captain and runs her own lighting design business in Rhode Island. Evelyn is an artist and a naturalist. She has been an observer of our natural world since she was a toddler growing up in Westport, Massachusetts. Traveling around and then living on a sailboat in the Caribbean brought a widened view of nature and exciting experiences. Evelyn’s unique perspective and concern of how we treat our planet and each other inspired her first published story. 


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