Annie Sloan Sanding Pads

Sanding Pads by Annie Sloan come in a package of three.  The top sponge is blue and it is  course.  The red sponge in the middle is a medium grit and the green sponge is the fine grit.  
They are reusable!  Once you have saturated the sanding sponge, wash it well with a little warm water and a small drop of dish soap. We  love that we can re-use them over and over.

Pro tip:  lightly moisten the sanding sponge with water.  It should NOT be dripping wet...just lightly moist!  So, get them wet and then squeeze out all excess water!  Then go over the dried chalk paint and "polish" the surface a bit.  We recommend a couple coats of Chalk Paint and then polish the surface of the last application once it has fully dried with Annie's sanding sponges.
  • Re-usable
  • Wash with warm water and dish soap
  • Can be cut to fit into your hand
  • Not suitable for sanding wood; they are meant to sand chalk paint. 

DIMENSIONS: The pads are about  6.5" long and 4.5 inches wide. 

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