Worry Deck for Kids


Does your child worry? Do you worry about your child worrying? You are not alone!  

This 52 card deck was created with both of you in mind! In the second deck of the WORRY Deck series, this one made specifically for children, there are easy to use strategies, affirmations and (NEW!) conversation starters to get you and your child talking about their worry in a fast and effective way! For the cost of a copay you will receive a practical tool that will help you and your child move through their worry toward calm.  Sized to take with you anywhere. #worrydeck

Carrie Foster Vinson, LICSW, Life Coach, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapist has created The WORRY Deck. In this practical and empowering collection, Carrie shares her distilled insight from helping people deal with the universal emotion of worry. 

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