Westport Rivers Field & Forest New England Vermouth

Pickup currently unavailable at 22 William St

A base of hand-picked and barrel-aged Chardonnay, fortified with Westport's Rivers own brandy spirit, and infused with 25 herbs and botanicals, this luxury vermouth is good enough to sip neat and dazzles in cocktails. Splash a bit in your Champagne-Method sparkler or hard cider to add complexity. Bloom your Martini with subtle savory elegance. Sip neat as an aperitif, whetting your appetite before your meal. This approach to vermouth is what Europeans know so well and the States are once again getting reacquainted with. Bay leaves, wormwood, bitter orange, gentian, and angelica blend with what you find in New England: cranberries, birch bark, pine, and rosehips—you can smell and taste them all. 18.5%

Available in store with valid ID, call ahead to order for curbside pick up.

Fabulous for cooking too, we love it in Honey Poached Pears with Burrata

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