The Bonnet Heirloom Basket


This spring, give the gift of art.

Our suggestion is an Heirloom Basket created especially for you by our friends at McDermott Glass Studio. This style is The Bonnet Heirloom Basket. It's a piece of functional art that can serve as an Easter basket, vase, or more. It is also available in an additional style, The Classic Round Heirloom Basket.

Each basket will be unique and is sure to become a family treasure, whether its beauty is saved for the Easter season, or enjoyed throughout the year.

Size and colors will vary as is the nature of the glassblowing process, but The Bonnet Heirloom Basket is approximately 9" tall. 

About McDermott Glass Studio

Glass artists David McDermott and his wife Yukimi Matsumoto have been working together since 2001. Joined by fellow artist Isabel Green, they collaborate with passion, precision and timing. The results are not only rewarding but also mesmerizing. Even the most useful items become works of art. 

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