Orange Line, New England IPA

Size:(1) 16 oz.

Orange Line is named for the iconic subway of JP, and features a massive Citra dry hopping which gives the beer its unique orange and citrus aroma and taste. Take the Orange Line to Turtle Swamp's taproom and try the Orange Line IPA: The ride is worth it. 7.25% Alcohol

Available for in store/curbside pick up only, with valid ID.

Tasting Notes: This is their most versatile beer as it please both those who “don’t like beer” as well as the more nerdy, hop-head sophisticates who have a developed palate. The initial sip is dominated by not just orange citrus but full-on marmalade and then notes of lychee and canteloup. As the finish roars in, notes of saltine cracker denotes that it’s time for another sip.




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