Onion Lover


From our original Compass collection and inspired by the rich and savory culinary traditions of the Southern United States, Onion Lover combines our Duxbury Flake Salt with an onion-forward sumptuous mixture of chervil, chives, onion granules, onion powder, and sage.

  • flavor: savory, smooth
  • texture: flaky, herbal
  • color: sage green
  • use: chicken, corn, soups, potatoes

With its complex layers of flavor, Onion Lover will soon become a regular craving and go-to seasoning.

Eat up!

Jar contains 2oz of salt. 

P.S.  I've got a lot of family roots in the South and this reminds me of the cuisine I indulge when visiting. The food is seriously so good! Onion Lover takes me straight to the cuisine I've indulged in when visiting including creamed corn, Potatoes (any and all!), fried chicken, French onion soup + ramen. As always, check out our Cookbook for inspo.

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