Estate Marquette, Westport Rivers, 2020

Quantity:(1) 750 ml bottle
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Welcome to the new world of North American grape varieties! Did you know that researchers and farmers have been spending decades developing new grapes that will not only survive better in our New England climate but produce fantastic and delicious wines? Marquette is one of those grapes. Introduced in 2006 it is a relative of Pinot Noir and is one of the best new examples of red grapes that are showing real promise for our fussy northern ecosystem. This wine has a nose of dusty, spicy dark red fruit along with cherry cordial, black pepper, Thai basil, and fresh tomato all competing for attention. On the palate? It’s as if Merlot and Sangiovese had a baby; zippy acidity, grippy tannins, and red cherry fruit that invites sip after sip. Extremely drinkable yet food-friendly as well, this wine is a must-try whether you like traditional red wines or are ready to discover the new horizons of American grape varieties. We guarantee this grape and others like it is the future of red-wine making in New England!

13% Alc - Pick up in store/curbside with valid ID; shipping available to Massachusetts customers only.

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