Leather Wall Hanging by Cathleen "CB" Bradley


This piece is a leather wall hanging that can be hung on curved or flat walls; each piece is individually sewn.  CB created a unique hanging system to allow this flexibility; the piece measures 30" x 32" and is superb for earthquake prone locations due its lightweight.

Divergent thinking defines Cathleen E. Bradley’s mixed media art. It’s CB’s natural inclination to be curious, try new techniques and think of different ways to use objects.                                                                                                                                  

“I love a creative challenge. Each composition here holds two common threads: the physicality exerted in the process and the exploratory road trip to visualize it. I layer, scrape, scratch, sand, tear, cut, burnish and rearrange---all to give my thoughts imagery---to give the stories in my mind tangible existence. In my hands, discarded objects and vintage graphics and text get a second life as they take on new roles to play. Ultimately, my constructions and assemblages evoke feelings of familiar and mysterious histories.” Cathleen Bradley brought her west coast east twenty one years ago and teaches classes at her home studio in Sudbury, as well as community venues. She has exhibited in numerous juried shows: to include the Danforth Museum, Concord Art Association, and Post Road Gallery.

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