Kandili Soapstone Candle Holder, Double


These beautifully designed candleholders create just the right atmosphere for your home.  Mifuko partnered with Finnish designer Hanna Anonen who designed a series of five candle holders that can be either stacked or used individually. With a stylish and high-quality finish, they are lovely used as a pair or elegant on their own. They can be used for tealight and crown candles.

Kandili candle holders have been handmade from soapstone which makes them truly unique as each one has small variations in size and design. The colour of the candle holders is cream with reddish marbling. Depending on which part of the stone the piece was carved, the surface will also vary.  These features are just part of what makes them unique and elegant additions to your home decor.

Each Mifuko product carries the name of its maker.

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