Gertrude & Gustave


Book measures 8 x 8 inches
All illustrations & artwork are property of Barbara Braun Kaplan, copyright, 2021, all rights reserved.
The book Gertrude and Gustave is written by Barbara Braun Kaplan.
The story is about a friendship between a cow and a bull. It is written to engage children
in a gentle way to begin to understand grief and loss. However, its appeal will also
find its way with adults as we all go through life experiencing losses that have a
profound effect on how we feel when it happens, and how we are going to understand
our future feelings. This story was born as a response to several losses
the author experienced in a short span of time. It was written to heal families who had lost loved ones. The illustrations, by Hannah Wolf, are lovely watercolors that capture the text and bring the words to life. Gertrude and Gustave have those qualities we find in relationships, and help us understand how to go on, when something changes.

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