Fusion Necklace by Beryllina


This necklace features fifteen links of my specialty handwoven chain, connected to a delicate yet strong recycled sterling silver machine-made chain. Using recycled fine silver (99%+ pure), Laurie Lynn hand makes the fifteen links - shaping, fusing, and weaving each individual one - using a 5000 year old jewelry-making technique. This beautiful Fusion necklace is a mix of modern and ancient, and gives you the opportunity to wear the intricate handwoven chain for a fraction of the price.

You can see and read about the process she used to craft the handwoven portion of this chain in her blog post "Handmaking Chain Using a 5000-Year-Old Technique".

All gems and minerals in Beryllina jewelry are untreated, responsibly-sourced, and mined in the US. All precious metals are 100% recycled; all raw silver, gold, and platinum is sourced from a certified recycled refinery in Virginia.

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