Fine. A Sour Beer Turtle Swamp Brewery

Size:(1) 16 oz.

FINE. A Sour Beer - 3.75% ABV

Brewed with dried hibiscus flower which gives it a rose gold color and a cranberry-like tart flavor, FINE. is our first sour beer at Turtle Swamp. A true summer ale, it clocks in at 3.75% ABV, perfect for long days at the beach or pool, enjoying the sun, or just hanging out with friends. This beer was soured in our kettle with a live lacto-bacillus culture, and then fermented with our house yeast for the same full bodied flavor that is in all our other ales.

Nik’s more “technical” notes:

Malt:  Small amount of wheat, but primarily Pale Malt.  Majority of flavor comes from two things:  

  1. This beer is kettle soured--the wort is made, and then allowed to ferment using a lactobacillus culture--creates lactic acid out of the malt sugar.  After 2-3 days, the kettle is heated to boiling as in a regular beer, and the resulting soured wort is hopped and fermented using brewers yeast.
  2. Dried Hibiscus:  After the end of the boil, dried Hibiscus flowers are steeped in it for about 10 minutes.  This imparts the rosy gold color to the beer, and the distinctive tart, sweet, almost cranberry notes.  In addition to the lactic acid, this rounds out the tart/sour flavor so it's not as overwhelming as other sour beers.
    Tasting Notes: Gummy bears, cranberry, swedish fish, and then after about 10 seconds, Captain Crunchberry cereal 

Available for in store/curbside pick up only, with valid ID.




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