Blue River


Framed fine art piece by Constance Kolman of Kolman Artisan Glass. measures at 21" W x  37" H, this original mixed media piece  is evocative of the sand and water of our coastal communities.

Constance "Connie" Kolman is a designer and fine artist whose studio is located in Massachusetts.  Connie is an award winning international glass artist who creates her distinctive, one-of-a-kind glass in her studio. Using various papers from the world over, along with resins, foils, and paints, she transforms one of the oldest known mediums into an art form not soon forgotten.

Her provocative and elegant work is commissioned by private collectors and galleries alike. In addition to her limited edition artwork, architects and designers rely on Connie to transform environments through her large wall panels. Her architectural work is used in corporate, hospitality, and high-end residential settings throughout the United States.

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