Amaryllis Floating


The Amaryllis is a symbol of love, beauty, and strength.
Archival print on
Hahnemühle Rag Satin, measures 9.5”x12”

For me, these floral portraits are a mediation on life, a reminder that no matter the stage of life or the constraints of the frame in which I find myself, it is up to me to seek grace in each moment.

We all have personal narratives: a collection of stories used to illuminate key moments in our life. They are woven together from memories, truths, embellishments, and omissions. I use light instead of words to create imagined storylines for my flowers as they move from exploding buds to tissue-thin petals holding only memories of a brilliant past. 

The narrative begins in total darkness as I accentuate and embellish the flowers’ form with fast-moving, strategically positioned hand-held lights. Each of these floral portraits is a combination of many digital negatives. My “canvas” begins like a painters, with a layer of the darkest darks. Then, I slowly and gradually “paint” light onto the canvas with a graphics pen to reveal the moments of grace within the frame.

Deb Ehrens, a New Bedford native, learned the basics of black and white photography as an adjunct to her early career as a journalist. She has studied with Harold Ross, Dan Burkholder, and Wendi Schneider and taken classes at RISD and Maine Media. In addition, an ongoing mentorship with painter Deborah Quinn-Munson has been instrumental in developing her artistic eye.  

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