Private Wine Tasting - In Person or Virtual

Title:In Person Wine Tasting ($500)

Want to host a private wine tasting? We offer private tastings led by our "Wine Consultant in Residence," Corey Nuffer

Nothing compares to a wine tasting with Corey. From something casual with friends you haven’t seen in a while, to something more technical, Corey will work with you to tailor your tasting experience. 

This could mean a focus on wine and food pairing. Or the chemistry involved in wine. Or perhaps the health benefits of wine appreciation and neuroplasticity of the brain. Corey will make it happen. She’s still working on wine and modern interpretive dance, however.

Beer + fortified wines can also be included in your tasting.

The Details

After you purchase your tasting, we will connect with you to plan the details and the date of your tasting. 

Tastings are for up to 10 people and can be held virtually or in person (at The Drawing Room or at a location of your choice).

Cost of wine is not included in the tasting fee and will be discussed when Corey works with you to plan your event.  

If in person, additional fees may also apply depending on distance from The Drawing Room.


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