All Ears Dry Hopped Golden Ale, Turtle Swamp Brewery

Size:(1) 16 oz.

All Ears Dry Hopped Golden Ale - 4.7% ABV

A perfect light bodied Ale, made 100% with malt and hops from Massachusetts. Our friends at Valley Malt make a fantastic Malted Corn, and once we heard about it, we had to give it a try. Corn has a bad rap in the craft brewing world, usually associated with watery, mass produced lagers. But it has a long standing place in the history of American Beer; before malted barley was regularly available in colonial Boston, brewers would have used any grain they could get their hands on, and corn was not only available, it was native! We jumped to use this New England grown and malted grain. It makes the beer particularly refreshing, without sacrificing sweetness and flavor.

Tasting Notes: Juicy fruit (let’s say citrus veering toward lemon, but very well integrated, and therefore, bridled or kept at bay), sweet corn, and after about ten seconds, an unmistakable and heady corn tortilla finish 

Available for in store/curbside pick up only, with valid ID.




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